Our growing ecosystem of planetariums/museums

Awesomeness For Content Creators

data2dome enables easy discovery of free, high-quality, curated astronomy multimedia with metadata for context and relevance

Planetariums, science centers, and museums all strive to educate and inspire the general public. This often means your content creators are kept busy scouring various space mission websites, news outlets, social media, and the Internet to uncover hidden gems and current events that will engage and interest your audiences.  Except... Houston, we have a problem:

  • Manual effort: bringing content into a planetarium system typically requires a significant amount of manual work with laborious content pipelines: copying content onto the system; distributing it to the render nodes; slicing; writing scripts to actually display the assets; and so on.
  • Lack of standardization: the pipelines and work procedures for importing content are typically very format- and vendor-specific, resulting in difficulties with incorporating and sharing content.
  • No consolidation or curation: astronomy multimedia is strewn all over the Internet and is often buried deep within a website, in the wrong format or resolution for your needs, and missing context or licensing terms. This adds up to a lot of time wasted searching instead of what you love most: creating.

This initiative is aimed at streamlining the flow of content from research institutions; reducing or eliminating the challenges described above. Join now and be a part of the solution!