Bringing together astronomy data providers, science center professionals, and software vendors to advance the state of the art in big data visualization

Search result showing rows of astronomical image thumbnails in a browser window

Data Discovery

As a Science Center Content Creator, you never seem to have enough time to search various web portals for the latest high-resolution astronomy assets, format them for your display system, and work them into your presentation. data2dome streamlines that process so you can focus on what you do best — captivating your audience!

Image of Great Nebula in Orion from the Hubble Space Telescope displayed on the Adler Planetarium

Data on the Dome

As a Planetarium Software Vendor, you want to provide your customers with timely, high-quality content while reducing your development and distribution costs. data2dome provides open access to a growing library of free multimedia assets with standardized metadata to augment your existing proprietary stores.

Star trails behind the Mayall 4-m telescope on Kitt Peak

Data Sources

As an Astronomy Big Data Provider, you want to get your science to the public as efficiently as possible. Limited funds and competing formats, vendor products, and projection systems make this difficult. There is a better way! data2dome standards benefit everyone in the science center community, lowering cost and complexity while increasing audience satisfaction.